Key Product Features

  • Ultra-high Sensitivity GPS Receiver
  • LiVE Trip Tracking
  • Easy Install and Setup
  • Ignition Detection
  • Easy to Conceal
  • Rugged, Weather-proof case
  • Multi-Voltage: 12v - 24v

Rugged weather‐proof construction

The device is housed in a glass/nylon housing that is rugged and engineered to survive being exposed to the elements. 

The housing has a water-resistant seal and will protect the electronics from New Zealand's humidity.

Suitable for installation on equipment and vehicles that are exposed to the elements.

From diggers and dumpers to tractors, trucks and trailers and also ideal for motorcycles, scooters, jet-skis and boats.

Easy Install

Simply plug into the vehicles power adaptor or connect directly to power.
All antennae are internal to the unit so no additional aerials or cabling is required. Installation can be arranged nation-wide via our qualified installation partner.

GPRS or 3G

The LiVE can be ordered for operation on either 3G or GPRS (2G).  In both cases the unit utilises a high-sensitivity internal antennae, so no additional installation and cabling is required to begin tracking.