GPS LiVE tracker Rental for Fleet

Exciting news for 2015 is that we have launched a full rental option for fleets of 5 or more vehicles, starting at $45 per month for a three year term.

The single monthly instalment includes hardware, installation contribution, unlimited access to software system, all monthly SIM data, mapping licences, software updates and email and telephonic support.

Customers will pay NO upfront costs for hardware and in most cases no cost for installation!  

Rental pricing is also available for add on accessories like the Driver ID system, Cold Chain management system and GPS LiVE Solar tracker.

Prices exclude GST.  Discounts are available for volume.

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LiVE Device Pricing

Individual Units are
$459.00 each

Discounts are available for volume.

These are as follows:

5 to 10 units

11 to 25 units

26 to 50 units

51 or more units

$429.00 each

$414.00 each

$399.00 each

$389.00 each

Pricing INCLUDES GST unless specified.

Prices applicable from 1 November 2013.

Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription covers the GSM SIM cost and the monthly data as well as all software and mapping licences.

Monthly Cost  $20.00 excl. GST

There is no fixed term contract!

You can manage your monthly subscription on your account and can use a Debit or Credit Card, Manual EFT Payments, or Debit Success debit orders to pay.

Click Here to complete the debit order form on-line


We offer installation services nation-wide via our qualified installation partners.


$79.00 excl. GST

$99.00 excl. GST

Take me to the special launch price of $459!